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What is Vital Wellness? (1:54)

We cannot live without Air, Water, Sleep, Nutrition, Natural Light, and Money. Nikken empowers you to live and thrive in a healthy environment, and with the time and money to enjoy it.
​Nikken. Discover it. Live it….and Share it!​

A Wake Up Call (3:33)​

This video was created by​, ​an organization that creates educational resources so parents, and everyone who cares about kids, can make informed decisions to protect the health and development of our most precious resource – our children. ​ ​The Nikken Wellness Home is designed and intended to help families create a healthy, non-toxic living environment for optimal wellness. When we discovered this organization and this video existed, we realized they portrayed the Nikken mission perfectly. In fact, Nikken has become a “Trusted Partner” of ​ ​You can create your own healthy living environment with Nikken products. Contact the person who introduced you to Nikken to learn how to get started.

Doctors Speak Out #2 (3:19)

Doctors and various health professionals have been using and recommending Nikken’s remarkable products for decades.
​Why?​ ​Because Nikken’s advanced, non-invasive, non-chemical wellness products often produce such positive improvements in well-being, and sometimes where nothing else has worked. Check it out.  ​Learn more ​
from Doctors at and Veterinarians at ​NOTE:  ​Nikken and its consultants do not make  ​n​or imply any medical claims. These are the opinions of the speakers only. Discover for yourself what these products can do for you.

Pro Athletes Using Nikken Products (2:38) ​

Olympians, Professional Sports and retired Sports Entrepreneurs all LOVE the Nikken Product! It doesn’t matter if you’ve been in any financial or physical pain, Nikken is the ideal vehicle to helping folks have both the TIME and money freedom as well as have the “Freedom of Mobility.” by using these products in their Nikken Wellness Homes. Olympians such as Shannon Miller, Dara Torres, and MANY other pro-Athletes are using these products to get the EDGE in sports. Herb Rapp, former pro tennis player, is a Royal Diamond Wellness Consultant through Nikken. So NOT ONLY are these WONDERFUL products, but it also makes for a FANTASTIC income opportunity for those who catch the Nikken vision and begin spreading it across the world!

Changing Lives! (6:19)

In this video you will learn the “3 Truths” that can alter your life financially. Add to that these facts: – A solid global company based on a beautiful philosophy of Living A Balanced Life. – Millions of satisfied customers in 40 countries and Billions in global sales. – Perfect timing: 99.99% of the market is still untouched. Massive income potential. It makes good sense to have a Plan ‘B’ that can grow into a Plan ‘A’ for greater time and money freedom. People from all walks of life are winning with Nikken,  start a solid, secondary cash flow – part-time.

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