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Introduction and brief overview

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Be, Do and Have More in Life! (4:10)

Discover something wonderful, a bright new future of better health with greater time and money freedom.
​​Nikken was founded in Japan in 1975 on a philosophy of Humans Being More and Living a Balanced Life. It has a long tradition of solid global success by promoting natural wellness, of combining breakthrough technologies with solutions from nature. The Nikken opportunity to create a healthy cash flow helps many people globally to live happier and fun lives ​. ​Learn how the Nikken products and income opportunity can help you to Be, Do and Have More!

“Open Your Mind” – Bob Proctor (4:19) ​   ​

Bob Proctor is a world-renowned speaker, success coach, corporate trainer and motivator with 40 years of experience. He is the author of the international bestseller ‘You Were Born Rich’ and was featured in the blockbuster hit movie and DVD, ‘The Secret.’
When Bob speaks, people listen. Bob says, “Open your mind to Network Marketing. I am glad I did. It changed my life!”​

Doctors Speak Out #1 (3:17) ​

Doctors and various health professionals have been using and recommending Nikken’s remarkable products for decades.
​Why? ​ ​Because Nikken’s advanced, non-invasive, non-chemical wellness products often produce such positive improvements in well-being, and sometimes where nothing else has worked. Check it out.  Learn more from Doctors at and Veterinarians at ​NOTE:  ​Nikken and its consultants do not make ​n​or imply any medical claims. These are the opinions of the speakers only. Discover for yourself what these products can do for you.

Are You Ready​? (2:25)

Everything is in place – ready and waiting:
​​Unique and powerful life-enhancing products ​, ​A solid global company based on the idea of balanced living​, ​A team of successful business partners ready to help and guide you ​, ​High income potential with low risk and low investment​,​ Tax benefits of being self-employed ​, Ability to create LEVERAGE, where you can multiply your time and ​effort​ ​,​ Enjoyment and pride in helping others to succeed ​!​ Nikken is here.​ ​ARE YOU READY?​

NOW is The Prime Time! (4:29)

​Want to increase your Cash Flow? Looking for the Perfect Business Opportunity and Financial Freedom? ​ ​Warren Buffett said this business was “the Best Investment I Ever Made”! He also states “The beauty of Direct Selling is that it’s all done FOR YOU. All you need to do is find a reputable company that offers a product or service you believe in and can get passionate about. ​ ​Shouldn’t we be passionate about what we do everyday to earn a living! If you are not, then find something that you enjoy and make it happen. Let me know if I can help – that’s what I do…help others create the freedom to choose how they spend their time ​. ​Stop trading time for dollars. Let us help you get all the facts to make a sound decision.

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